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Kimi Lasser Platypurse Dice Bags Purses
About Platypurse
    Platypurse began in 2015 in Buffalo, NY, by Buffalo's very own Kimi Lasser, who had grown tired of seeing the same old dice bag designs throughout the gaming world. Gamers are always inventive and creative, so why not have dice bags to match those innovative personalities? Thus, Kimi, a self taught sewer, took to creating individualized dice bags and purses, right from her home.

    Owning her own business makes for a busy schedule, but the response from the welcoming and friendly local geek communities is wonderfully positive. In addition, she loves the opportunity to work her creative side, and combine her passion for geek culture with art. To help with the many aspects of running a business, Kimi employs assistance from Matthew Hochadel, who serves as an emotional and artistic consultant, and Allison Rapp who serves as social media marketing director.